The formation of DETER

There are many stages required to deliver a project and each stage requires coordination with varying levels of input. Through his work in the industry, Vince Braniff has been able to identify and establish collaborative working relationships with many experienced individuals and companies, all of which are well known for their knowledge and expertise in providing a specialist service or discipline.

And so the light bulb moment came, when Vince thought “what if I could use my skills and expertise in delivery, to provide guidance and advice to clients who are otherwise uninformed, and to help deter them from making wrong decisions at the right time”

The following are the usual questions that the client will face:-

  • Which specialist services do I need
  • How many specialist services are there?
  • How do I know if I am engaging the right specialists?
  • How do I manage these specialists?

Specialist services are critical and the distinguishing attributes need:-

  • Individuals with specialist service knowledge
  • Individuals with a proven track record
  • Individuals that work as a team
  • Individuals that you can trust
  • Individuals that provide a wealth of knowledge and experience

The coordination between specialists and coordinating leads

  • Linking specialist services to trusted individuals
  • Linking trusted individuals to the client
  • Now imagine that both the specialist services and trusted lead individuals are working together TO ADVISE YOU, maintaining a positive outcome, managing client expectations. Working to a core ethos of “delivery through guidance, coordinating defined time and cost, maintaining client expectations”.

This integration of coordination and guidance is the core strength and ethos of the company which has been captured in the Determanagement Ltd logo to symbolise and represent the company.

The personnel at Determanagement Ltd have been actively involved in coordinating all stages of project delivery and are conscious of the fact that the efficiency of work activities at each stage is a product of meticulous early planning and preparation.

Determanagement Ltd creates a delivery platform to provide the necessary guidance for clients and deterring them from making misinformed decisions that prevent achieving a cost effective delivery of the client’s requirements.


Our Vision

To provide an unparalleled wealth of guidance to Clients, through defining, assessing and developing the training required of the current and next generation of Managers, Engineers and various support disciplines that are necessary to perform the delivery, operation and maintenance of any facility.